say goodbye to those popcorn ceilings, and say hello to modern elegance!


Embrace a new era of interior sophistication; our expert removal process turns your outdated popcorn ceilings into sleek surfaces that reflect your taste for modern living. We offer both smooth and knockdown texture ceiling finishes. Begin the transformation to a stylish, updated home today! Free and full estimates within 24 hours!

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Revamp Your Ceilings, Revitalize Your Home – Discover the Difference with popcorn ceiling removal jax!

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Transform Your Space: Experience the Impact of Expert Popcorn Ceiling Removal.

Mastering the Art of Ceiling Transformation: A Three-Stage Journey

Step-by-Step: Our Comprehensive Approach to Popcorn Ceiling Removal


Careful Preparation

Room and Furniture Preparation: We begin by meticulously moving any furniture or items that might obstruct our work, ensuring a clear and safe workspace.

Floor and Fixture Protection: We safeguard your floors with thick, durable plastic sheeting, extending this protection to all fixtures and air vents. Our goal is to shield every aspect of your room from any debris or dust.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our team takes great care to ensure that every corner of the work area is fully protected, leaving no detail overlooked. This ensures that your space remains pristine throughout the process.


Popcorn Removal

Ceiling Scraping: Our team takes great care during the scraping process, meticulously removing every bit of the outdated popcorn texture. This careful approach is crucial for creating a perfectly smooth base, which is essential for the quality of the subsequent steps.

Ceiling Repairs: Following the scraping process, our team conducts an in-depth assessment and repair of any ceiling damages, ensuring a flawless and structurally sound surface. We expertly integrate repairs into the existing structure, using high-quality materials for a seamless and durable finish. This meticulous approach not only enhances the visual appeal of your ceiling but also adds to the overall value and longevity of your home.


The Final Touch

Knockdown Texture & Smooth Finish: Choose a modern knockdown texture for elegance or opt for sanding and mudding for a sleek, smooth finish.

Painting & Perfection: Both finishes are complemented with high-quality paint, ensuring a durable and visually appealing result.

Complete Clean-Up and Inspection: Our team thoroughly cleans up post-application, with a detailed inspection by our Project Manager to guarantee the highest standards.

Satisfaction Walk-Through: The project culminates in a homeowner walk-through, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the transformed look of your ceiling.

Your Ceiling, Your Choice: Smooth or Knockdown Finish Options

Customize Your Space: Select the Ideal Finish for Your Ceiling Transformation

At Popcorn Ceiling Removal Jax, we cater to diverse styles with our two signature finishes: Knockdown and Smooth. The Knockdown finish offers a modern, textured look that adds character and masks imperfections, while the Smooth finish delivers a sleek, minimalistic appeal for a contemporary vibe. Expertly crafted, both finishes are designed to enhance your home's aesthetic, aligning perfectly with your personal style and home décor. Whether you prefer the textured elegance of Knockdown or the refined simplicity of Smooth, we're committed to transforming your space with precision and flair.


Rated 5 Stars on Google

"Popcorn Ceiling Removal Jax did an amazing job! They removed all popcorn ceiling, resolved settling issues, and applied knockdown texture which they then painted. Their work transformed my space, making it look fabulous! Highly recommended."

- Patricia Siman

"These guys do great work at a great price. I've used them on several occasions for painting and ceiling scraping in my investment properties and remodels. Shawn and Justin are responsive, accommodating my schedule and budget, and have certainly earned my business."

- Jimmy McAllister

"Tony and his crew impressed us with their fantastic work. They expertly removed the old popcorn ceiling, applying a knockdown texture and paint. Their quality work and thorough clean-up stood out, and we would definitely use their services again."

- Patrick Murphy

Why We Stand Out in Ceiling Transformation

Setting the Standard: Our Unique Approach to Popcorn Ceiling Removal



We believe in providing top-notch service without breaking the bank, ensuring our pricing is competitive and accessible for all homeowners.



Our team is committed to excellence, utilizing only the finest materials and techniques to deliver results that not only meet but exceed expectations.



Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer comprehensive guarantees on our work, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in every job we undertake.


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licensed & insured

servicing nE florida

VOTED #1 by angie's list

financing available

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